If you are visiting Israel during the high season of June and August, then expect to pay a premium for airfare and accommodations. This is also true if you are visiting Israel while during a major holiday like Yom Kippur. Even though the summer may be expensive, it’s also when the religious and cultural significance of Israel is amplified.

Israel truly is a religious experience, with people around the world using it as a beacon for their pilgrimages. There are certain things, however, that you cannot forget when visiting the country of Israel.

Three Things to Bring with You and Consider During Your Next Trip to Israel:

Israel is Small – But Don’t Forget a Map

Like any major city, Israel is supported by a technological infrastructure that allows anyone with a connection to a cell phone provider access to the high-speed internet. However, many of the remote regions of Israel may not have adequate Internet connection, highlighting the importance of the often-overlooked map.


Despite all the big news and events that happen in Israel, it is a relatively small country. At just over 8,000 square miles, the whole country is smaller than the state of Maine. With the help of a Guided Israel tour , you can quickly experience Israel’s major tourist attractions and events in about one dedicated week.

Israel’s Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is one of the country’s greatest attractions – and it makes sense, as these are the cultural and entertainment hubs of the nation. Tel Aviv is very cosmopolitan, with it sharing ranks with the city of Manhattan when it comes to its cultural, culinary, and nightlife scene.

Interestingly enough, Tel Aviv is also a beach town, with uniquely colored beaches just a few miles from most major hotels. There is a lot to do in the city, and a map will help you in a pinch.

Remember the Jewish Holiday’s

Naturally, Jewish holidays and celebrations are of great importance in Israel, with several festivals taking place throughout the year like Jacob’s Ladder Festival. Even though it is an exhilarating, inclusive experience for travelers, it can hinder your traveling plans. Additionally, lots of places will get booked, and if you do find a hotel, expect to pay a lot more than usual 


The Benefits of a Guided Tour

Israel has many natural wonders and features that make it ideal for backpackers and dedicated travelers who want to experience all that Israel can offer. A guided tour will be able to accommodate that, connecting you to local eats, events, festivities, and perhaps even religious experiences that you wouldn’t be able to find on your own.


Most important, don’t forget the importance of reverence, a willingness to learn, and the ability to absorb the cultural richness of Israel during your visit.

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